Monday, August 09, 2004

Web Alert!! Two of my new articles have been published on the Enduring Vision website since last week. Here are the links:
Bush's Frat Buddies

Pope Joins Kaballah Center

General PR Alert! the website for teen girls that interviewed me late last month now has pictures and a comment box to go along with the article. Here's the link:
Kiwibox Interview

Top 5 Unique Things About Donald Trump's New Clothing Line for Men

-Super gut-busting "man girdle" comes with every purchase

-Every suit comes with a shedding rat and a bottle of vitalis for "hair emergencies"

-All jackets guaranteed to repel Omarosa from at least 500 yards away

-Extra crotch padding standard for that "executive" look

-Pants won't unzip fully until all pre-nup papers are signed

Keyes for Senate
Even though he's running for the senate from Illinois, Maryland resident Alan Keyes insists he's nothing like Hillary Clinton. Experts say that's true because Keyes is conservative, a seasoned campaigner, and doesn't have a chance in Hell.

Gorilla Dentist
Koko the gorilla, who can speak using American Sign Language, told her handlers that she was having a toothache and asked to see a dentist last week. Now it's hoped that other creatures will learn how to ask for dental care, like dogs, cats, and English people.


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