Wednesday, August 11, 2004

Mike Wallace Arrest
60 Minutes anchor Mike Wallace was roughed up, handcuffed, and whisked away by parking cops last night in Manhattan -- proving once again just how far the city is willing to go to make sure the streets are safe for Republicans before their convention starts later this month.

Powell No-Show
Colin Powell will not be attending the Republican National Convention later this month in New York City. The decision is leaving most experts confused, since the Secretary of State usually joins President Bush whenever he visits a foreign country.

Fox-Williams Divorce
Actress Vanessa Williams and husband Rick Fox have filed for divorce. The couple isn't fighting over the house or custody of the kids, but both are threatening a nasty fight over who has to keep all the cheap crap they get from Radio Shack.

Accidents Decline
The government says the number of deadly drunk-driving accidents dropped considerably last year. That's because of seat belts, better law enforcement tactics, and the fact that one gallon of gas now costs more than a six-pack.


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