Friday, February 13, 2004

Kerry Affair?
Rumors are swirling that John Kerry had an affair with one of his interns, and recently sent overseas to avoid reporters. Republicans are hoping she will come forward, Democrats are hoping she'll keep quiet, and everyone else just hopes she looks at least a little better than Monica Lewinsky.

Cuban Defectors
U.S. officials say the Cuban family who twice tried to sail to Florida in vintage cars will get a chance to stay in the United States... but that's only because they'll be really good contestants on "Fear Factor."

Valentines Protest
A new activist group is urging shoppers not to buy gold necklaces, earrings, and bracelets this Valentines Day to protest the gold mining industry's harmful practices. The name of the group is "Cheap Boyfriends United."

Double-D Dragnet
The search continues in Italy for a woman who had her breasts enlarged with the biggest silicone implants possible and then skipped out on the $10,000 plastic surgery bill. The incident isn't exactly boosting confidence in the Italian police force... I mean how hard could it be to spot this woman?!?

Bush Transfer
A new review of President Bush's military records shows he transferred from the Texas Air National Guard to Alabama in 1972 even though the Air Force denied his request. But this information really doesn't bother Mr. Bush, who transferred from the Texas governor's mansion to the White House in 2000 even though most of the voters denied that request too.


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