Tuesday, February 10, 2004

French School Vote
The French national assembly voted to outlaw religious symbols from public schools, including Islamic headscarves, Jewish skullcaps and big Christian crosses. Muslim students are the most outraged by the ban, because it leaves them unsure about whom they should be beating up.

Carnivale Float
Because of tensions between the United States and Brazil, a float at this year's Carnivale in Rio will be a sculpture of Uncle Sam with his pants down and his genitals in plain sight. But experts say the impact of the float will be diminished by the hundreds of thousands of Brazilians at Carnivale dancing with their pants down and their genitals in plain sight.

Kerry's Response
Senator John Kerry questioned whether President Bush dodged his Air National Guard service during the Vietnam War saying, "Just because you get an honorable discharge, it doesn't mean you really served."... And just because he's President, it doesn't mean he was really elected.

Iraq Commission
Democrats say President Bush is giving the commission investigating failed intelligence in Iraq until next year to publish its report because he doesn't want to hurt his chances for re-election. But insiders say with all the big words expected to be in the document, the President will need about a year to finish reading it.


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