Thursday, November 17, 2011

Faster than Light
A new experiment proves there is such a thing that's faster than the speed of light. Hint: it ain't New Jersey Transit.

Small Donors
President Obama is getting more contributions than ever from middle class and poor donors. That's what happens when you all the rich people move to Canada.

Confidence Poll
A new poll shows that 56% of Americans would give Pres Obama a vote of "no confidence." The other 44% are just confident that he'll remember the nuclear codes better than Rick Perry.

Monti's Plan
Italy’s new Premier Mario Monti, has a new plan to reform the nation's finances and spur growth... it's called: "moving to Germany."

Woods Case Reopened
Police are re-opening their investigation in the 30-year-old drowning death of Natalie Woods. About 300 fish are being brought in for a lineup.

November 18th

1905: Prince Carl of Denmark becomes King Haakon VII of Norway. Denmark gets a king to be named later.

1961: President John F. Kennedy sends 18,000 military advisors to South Vietnam... then immediately attempts to date all their wives and girlfriends.

1991: Shiite Muslim kidnappers in Lebanon release Anglican Church envoys Terry Waite and Thomas Sutherland... then look for new hostages that wouldn't eat quite as much.


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