Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Cheney Interview
Dick Cheney finally spoke out about the shooting incident in an interview on FOX News Channel Wednesday. This was seen by the Vice President's office as a good training exercise in case he ever plans to face the real news media.

Cheney Interview II
In an interview on FOX News Channel Wednesday, Vice President Cheney said he thought it was "the right call" to step aside and allow one of the ranch owners to tell the public what happened in the hunting accident. That makes sense mostly because he was still drunk.

Cheney Interview III
During the interview Cheney said that, "ultimately, I'm the guy who pulled the trigger that fired the round that hit Harry. And I take full responsibility. Some may say that Harry got in my way, didn't follow protocol, totally was at fault... but it would be wrong to even mention that possibility for a second!"

Top 5 Weird Questions Brit Hume Asked Dick Cheney

5) "Mr. Vice President, some terrible, mean people say you're a cold-blooded murderer. Are those people right?"

4) "Nobody's gonna mess with you now, are they?"

3) "Do you know where to buy heart medication wholesale? I have an uncle who's looking."

2) "Next time you go hunting, can't you go with Ted Kennedy or somebody like that?"

1) "Is it just me, or is this whole story making you so sexy right now?"

"New" Abuse Photos
The American and European news media is widely publishing "new" pictures of abu Ghraib torture incidents from 2003. It's a good thing those pictures didn't include any cartoon images of Muhammad... because then it would be very wrong to publish them.

U.S. Medallist
Toby Dawson, who took the bronze medal in the men's moguls competition Wednesday, is hoping his win will help him find his birth parents. Nice idea, but he should probably try appearing in an event people are actually watching.

Jacko Decision
A California appeals court reinstated an order granting Michael Jackson sole custody of his two children Wednesday. Every child in the state is reacting to that decision by arranging to defect to Mexico.

Jacko Decision II
A California appeals court reinstated an order granting Michael Jackson sole custody of his two children Wednesday. It's not clear if the court made that decision solely on legal grounds, or if the judges were trying to discourage children in California from ever going outdoors again.

Gore's Gaffe
Al Gore is getting slammed for going to Saudi Arabia and saying that the U.S. has committed "some abuses" against Arabs. Conservatives rightly point out that Gore should have instead stood up to the Saudis by buying all their oil and walking hand-in-hand with their crown prince.


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