Friday, August 13, 2004

Web Alert!! That web site for teen and college girls,, is now featuring the "best of" some of my work in EVERY issue! (Gee, I really never figured this group as a target audience, but it's good to have the love). Anyway, here's the latest link Kiwibox

New Jersey Shocker
New Jersey residents are experiencing deep shock and despair now that the entire nation knows about the shameful activities of the state's most prominent resident... but enough about Joe Piscopo's career.

McGreevey Reaction
Many citizens are reacting with disbelief after New Jersey Governor Jim McGreevey announced he's resigning because he is a "gay American." His supporters refuse to believe that he's really quitting, his friends refuse to believe that he's really gay, and Conservatives refuse to believe he's really an American.

After yesterday's shocking announcement, Republicans were quick to note the similarities connecting Governor McGreevey to John Kerry. Jim McGreevey has married two women just to cover the fact that he's gay, and John Kerry has married two women just to cover the fact that he's not a good fundraiser.

Gay Marriages Annulled
The California Supreme Court has ruled that the more than 4,000 gay and lesbian marriages allowed by the city of San Francisco are now "void and of no legal effect." That's bad news for most of those couples, but really good news for that chick who married Rosie O'Donnell.

Top 5 Signs Alan Keyes Really Doesn't Understand Illinois Voters that Well

-Actively seeking Steve Bartman's endorsement

-Doesn't understand why people look at him funny when he offers them free "soda" instead of "pop"

-Often refers to Springfield as the home of Abe Lincoln and The Simpsons

-Thinks he'll meet more thousands of potential voters by hanging out at Sox games

-Plans on regularly campaigning in East St. Louis after 7 PM


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