Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Leno Moves to 10pm
Jay Leno will soon air every weeknight at 10pm on NBC. It's a huge risk for the network as it's not clear if Leno will appeal to any Americans who aren't already half asleep.

Jay Leno will soon air every weeknight at 10pm on NBC. Watching Leno an hour and a half earlier every night is kind of like watching a baseball game without beer.

Recycling Anesthesia
Doctors at Vanderbilt University Medical Center are working on a system that would save millions by recycling anesthesia. Actually, NBC invented that system years ago when it started re-running episodes of "Law and Order."

Abdul Shaken
Paula Abdul says she's been so shaken by the suicide of an obsessed fan outside her Los Angeles home that she hasn't slept there since. Luckily, she's been comfortable sleeping on the set of "American Idol" for six years now.

Detroit Loans
It looks like GM and Chrysler will get a $15 billion "bridge loan" from the government. That should be just enough money for those companies to pay out all their executive bonuses in time for Christmas.

Day Without a Gay
Homosexual rights groups are asking gays all over the country not to go to work tomorrow to protest California's new ban on gay marriage. In a related story, tomorrow's night's performance of "Phantom of the Opera" will feature a cast of 3.


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