Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Sleep Problems
A new study shows that 70 million Americans suffer from some kind of sleep disorder... and those are just the ones still trying to figure out the Sorpranos' ending.

$2 Heroin
Police are warning parents about a deadly mix of heroin and barbiturates coming out of Texas known as "cheese heroin" that sells for about $2 a hit. But there is an even more addictive item coming out of Texas called "petroleum" and it's currently selling for about $3.50 a hit.

Bush Meeting
President Bush made a rare visit to Capitol Hill Tuesday for lunch with Senate Republicans to try to win more GOP support for his immigration bill. But the lunch had to be served on paper plates because they couldn't find any Americans willing to wash the dishes.

Nifong Charged
The North Carolina State Bar has charged Durham County district attorney Mike Nifong with several ethics violations in connection with his handling of the Duke lacrosse team case. Nifong says he believes the charges finally prove that he is qualified for higher office.

Working Longer
Most Americans in their 60's say they plan on working into their 80's... or until they pay off their student loans, whichever comes first.

Working Longer II
Most Americans in their 60's say they plan on working into their 80's. It's not the best thing for our economy, but at least it will significantly cut down on those scandalous workplace affairs.

Fatah vs. Hamas
Fatah fighters unsuccessfully attacked the Hamas-run TV station in Gaza Tuesday. They were repelled by hundred of BBC journalists fired from the windows.

Affair Hotline
A little more than a week after it was published, Hustler publisher Larry Flynt says his offer of up to $1 million for anyone providing proof of an illicit sexual affair with a politician has attracted about 200 tips so far... of course the 178 of them concerning Harry Reid are just not credible.


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