Monday, January 15, 2007

Workplace Healthcare
Frustrated by runaway health costs, more employers are opening primary care medical centers at work. If this works, the companies might try to beat the hassles of commuting by making everyone live at their desks.

Big Football Ratings
Executives at FOX and CBS are ecstatic as all four NFL playoff games this weekend were close and exciting contests. This should help make up for the ratings-challenged war in Iraq.

Post-Game Effect
Millions of Americans are sad the NFL playoff weekend is over... mostly because when those games are on TV, it's the only time we know President Bush isn't trying to run the country.

Strange Case
Police are still trying to figure out why a 15-year-old boy never took any of his numerous chances to escape from his kidnapper during four years in captivity. I might be crazy, but could the fact that the abductor managed a pizza place and never made the kid go to school have anything to do with it?

Dodger Eat Fest
This coming season at Dodger Stadium, fans will have the option of sitting in a section where they can get "all-you-can-eat" beer, nachos, and hot dogs. The cost for those tickets will be an additional $40, and I don't know how much they're going to have to pay the poor bastards sitting directly behind those pigs.


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