Friday, December 09, 2005

Old Wall
Construction workers in Lower Manhattan believe they've unearthed parts of a 240-year-old stone wall. They know the wall came from the 1760's because all the graffiti was done in calligraphy.

Top 5 Pieces of Graffiti on the 240-Year-Old Stone Wall in Lower Manhattan

5) "Bach Rocks!"

4) "Impeach George III"

3) "Return to New Jersey, you Slow Horse-riding Swine!"

2) "For a pleasurable afternoon, inquire after Miss Betsy Jones of Maiden Lane"

1) "Disco Sucketh"

No Social Security
The Supreme Court has ruled that federal officials can withhold Social Security checks from people who don't pay off their student loans. Too bad, because I was really counting on that Social Security money to help me pay off my student loans.

Jacko Indebto
Michael Jackson faces a $270 million debt foreclosure on December 20th, which means he could lose his Neverland Ranch and Sony Beatles music catalog. But Jackson won't get really scared until someone threatens to take away the monkey.

Mayor Recalled
Voters in Spokane, Washington have ousted their mayor after reports that he abused his office by offering jobs to young men in return for sex with them. But honestly, is there any really good reason to be the Mayor of Spokane?

Dog Genes
Researchers have announced that they have decoded the genetic map of dogs, and that it may help scientists unlock some secrets of human genetics... well, only human male genetics actually.

Porn Tax
A new law in Italy will require people to pay a 20% tax on pornography. This means Italy is about to become the richest government in Europe.


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