Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Cheaper Drugs?
The Bush Administration says importing prescription drugs from Canada wouldn't save Americans much money. And if that doesn't get the people to shut up, they'll just have the FDA say that every prescription drug causes heart attacks.

Top 5 Reasons Randy Johnson is Happy his Trade Deal to the Yankees Fell Through

5) Didn't want to share needles with Giambi

4) Things in the Bronx not so happy anymore now that Jeter and A-Rod are "seeing other people"

3) Bernard Kerik is hogging all the hot groupies for himself

2) Saw FDA's new study saying pitching for the Yanks may increase the chances of heart disease

1) A 6 foot 10 inch man in pinstripes looks like a walking prison cell

Shaq vs. Kobe
Basketball fans are gearing up for Shaquille O'Neal's first game against Kobe Bryant since O'Neal left the Lakers. Shaq is promising to stop Bryant with some steals, blocked shots, and convincing testimony to prosecutors.

Bull for Sale
New York City wants to sell the famous "Charging Bull" sculpture on Wall Street for $5 million. You usually don't have to pay that much for bull in New York City unless you make a big campaign donation.

He Feels Good
James Brown says he's the perfect performer to go to Iraq and fire up the troops to "smack the enemy." Apparently, Brown thinks the insurgents include some of his former wives.

Fish Eggs
Male fish in Maryland have been found growing eggs. Environmentalists blame pollution, Republicans blame gay marriage.


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