Friday, May 14, 2004

Rumsfeld Visit
Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld made a surprise trip to Iraq yesterday. After assessing his situation here in the U.S., Rumsfeld realized he was safer in Iraq.

Rumsfeld Visit II
While on his visit to Iraq, Rumsfeld said he wasn't there to "throw water on a fire." But he did say he would look into throwing some COLD water on a few prison guards.

Abuse Video
According to Senators who saw the unreleased Iraqi abuse material, Private Lynndie England is seen in photos and in videos having sex with multiple partners in front of the prisoners. The senators are moving quickly to bar that footage from being released, while still getting England an internship on Capitol Hill by this summer.

"The View" Spat
Rosie O'Donnell got into a shouting match with Star Jones on "The View" this week after O'Donnell said O.J. Simpson and Jayson Williams got off because Black people were on their juries. Racial rift aside, viewers were moved that the two women were finally fighting over something other than who gets the last Cheeto.


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