Tuesday, May 11, 2004

Nancy Reagan Speech
Former First Lady Nancy Reagan is now voicing her strong support for stem cell and human embryonic research, currently opposed by the Bush administration. President Bush isn't opposed to the research because of any ethical reasons, it's just that he doesn't want to have to learn how to pronounce "embryonic."

Pitt Fashion Statement
Brad Pitt says his new movie "Troy" will start a new fashion trend that will have "men wearing Greek-style skirts by next summer." Experts say thousands of American men will indeed be wearing skirts next year, but only because they'll be trying to avoid the draft.

Kobe Problems
The stress of being in the NBA playoffs and fighting a rape charge at the same time is taking its toll on Kobe Bryant. After he was called for a foul Sunday, the game was delayed for an hour while he tried to file an appeal.

Stroke Vote
A 74 year-old Indiana woman who began suffering a stroke, insisted on casting her ballot in a local primary last week before going to the hospital. The incident was highly unusual since politicians usually don't start messing with your brain until AFTER you've voted for them.


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