Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Italy Bail Out
The good news is it looks like the European Central Bank will send a bailout to Italy. The bad news is it's sending the cash in an Italian car.

Medicare Rules
President Obama is now willing to change the eligibility age for Medicare from 65 to 67. But kids currently in college won't be able to get a job until they're 80.

Defending Teachers
A major national teachers union says it will defend the educators caught cheating in the Atlanta standardized testing scandal. And in return for more pension benefits and sick days, the teachers union is actually willing to stop cheating!

Lockout Ending?
The NFL says it expects to end the lockout and get back to football on July 21st. In a related story, cases of public drunkenness and domestic violence are now projected to rise beginning on July 21st.

Help for Smokers
Some hospitals are now offering patients who are smokers nicotine patches so they can recover more easily without cigarettes. Next time I go to the hospital, I'm going to tell them I'm a sex addict.

July 12th

1806: 16 German imperial states leave the Holy Roman Empire and form a time share on Fire Island.

1967: The Newark riots begin in Newark, New Jersey… we’ll let you know if they every end.

1970: A fire consumes the wooden home of Norwegian composer Geirr Tveitt and irretrievably destroys about 90 percent of his output. Making the fire the happiest event in Norwegian history.


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