Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Weiner Pregnant
Huma Weiner is pregnant. Given her husband's love for Facebook romance, it would only be fitting if the father was Mark Zuckerberg.

Because of rising state taxes, the Chicago Mercantile Exchange is thinking about leaving Illinois. Most Chicagoans say they're okay with that as long as President Obama doesn't try to move back.

SUV Safety
A new study shows that SUV's are safer than ever. It turns out vehicles are much less lethal when no one can afford to drive them,

Cuomo Pension Plan
New York Governor Andrew Cuomo is now calling for big cuts to New York state worker pensions. Whoa, next thing you know he'll start demanding that state workers actually do some work!

Economy Poll
A new CBS poll shows 80% of Americans think the economy is in trouble. The other 20% think nothing is in more trouble than Anthony Weiner.

June 9th

1885: A peace treaty is signed to end the Sino-French War, with China eventually giving up Tonkin and Annam, and the French giving up all of their remaining decency.

1923: Bulgaria's military takes over the government… but the sanitation department remains in the hands of the Corleone family.

1978: The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints opens its priesthood to black men… if they were good enough to play the drums for the Osmonds, they were good enough to be priests.


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