Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Woods Out
Tiger Woods is skipping the US Open because of injuries and to date all of Anthony Weiner's suddenly available Twitter friends.

No Briefs
President Obama admitted yesterday that he's no longer getting daily economic briefings at the White House... mostly because every member of his economic advisory board has had a nervous breakdown.

Obamacare Chill
A new report says that a third of all businesses will drop health coverage for their employees when Obamacare fully kicks in in 2014. The other two thirds will just be out of business by the time Obamacare fully kicks in in 2014.

Food Illnesses
The Obama administration is concerned about the growing cases of salmonella and e. coli poisoning. In response, it's going to ban lunch.

Olympic Cost
NBC is paying $4 billion to televise the next few Olympic games. It's not clear who will be paying for the steroids.

June 8th

1405: Richard le Scrope, Archbishop of York and Thomas Mowbray, Earl of Norfolk, are executed King Henry IV's orders. He also orders the steak sandwich, but that doesn’t come out as well.

1953: The Supreme Court rules that Washington, D.C. restaurants could not refuse to serve black patrons… considering the quality of D.C. restaurants, why should the white people be the only ones who suffer?

1984: Homosexuality is declared legal in the Australian state of New South Wales… thus making being a homsexual no longer cool.


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