Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Federal Pay Soars
The number of federal workers making $150K-plus per year has soared tenfold over the past five years. The good news is all those federal workers have really earned that money by keeping us out of any economic trouble since 2005.

Cruise Aid
Passengers on a disabled Carnival cruise ship are now being towed to San Diego by tugboats. But the food from the buffets needs to be hauled out by several aircraft carriers.

Gay Bishops Retires
The first openly gay Episcopal bishop in America insists his decision to retire is not because of any hatred with his church... it's just that all the hot altar boys are at the Catholic place across the street.

France Changes Law
France has officially upped its retirement age from 60 to 62. That's two more years for French employees to work on Jew hating and shower avoidance.

Google Raises
Google is giving a 10% raise to all its employees... all they have to do is handover all their personal information.

November 10th

1619: René Descartes has the dreams that inspire his Meditations on First Philosophy… and the changing of his sheets.

1766: The last colonial governor of New Jersey, William Franklin, signs the charter of Rutgers University… mostly to keep teenagers away from the Jersey Shore.

1997: WorldCom and MCI Communications announce plans to merge into a new company to be known as “Allenwood Federal Prison.”


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