Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Obama Cutting it Short
The White House says President Obama will likely have to cut his visit to Indonesia short because of the erupting volcano and the fact that he wants to avoid bumping into the doctors and nurses who delivered him when he was born there.

Obama Speaks!
President Obama said today that the United States is on "the right path" toward a better understanding of the Muslim world. Yes, thanks to Obama the Muslims are now understanding that they can start bombing us again.

Oil Spill Study
A new government study shows there's no evidence BP cut corners on its safety plan before the big oil spill. But there's also no evidence BP ever had a safety plan.

Arnold on Pot
California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger told Jay Leno last night that "no one cares if you smoke a joint." Actually what he meant to say was that "no one cares if Conan O'Brien smokes a joint... because no one is watching."

Homes for the Poor
A Florida activist is grabbing empty foreclosed homes and putting poor people in them. Putting people in houses they can't pay for is kind of like Bobby Bowden putting college football players in classes they can't pass.

November 9th

1282: Pope Martin IV excommunicates King Peter III of Aragon. Peter then looks for some with a V or better after his name to beat up Pope Martin.

1720: The synagogue of Yehudah he-Hasid in Jerusalem is burned down by Arabs, leading to a retroactive UN investigation into injuries suffered by Arabs while setting the fire.

1967: The first issue of Rolling Stone Magazine is published, it immediately becomes better known as “Rolling Paper Magazine.”


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