Friday, November 05, 2010

$40 Million Per Day
California is now borrowing $40 million a day from the federal government just to pay unemployment benefits to its residents. In a related story, Californians are now spending $40 million on medical marijuana.

Obama Helping India
In a speech today, President Obama has pledged to help India solve its disputes with Pakistan... especially since he's already solved India's economic problems by sending them all our jobs.

Olbermann Coming Back
Keith Olbermann will come back to work tomorrow after his two-day suspension. His suspension was so short, two out of his three viewers didn't notice.

Discouraged Workers
1.2 million Americans who are out of work have also stopped looking for a job... and they'll keep not looking because it turns out you don't need a job to play fantasy football.

Off Duty Cop
The good news is that an off-duty NYC police captain stopped and booked a teen who was breaking into cars this weekend. The bad news is the captain is charging the city $513,000 in overtime for making the arrest.

November 8th

1837: Mary Lyon founds Mount Holyoke Female Seminary, which later becomes known by its more popular name: “The Indigo Girls.”

1892: The New Orleans general strike begins, uniting black and white American trade unionists in a successful four-day drunken riot. Of course, the rest of the citizens of New Orleans were in the middle of a five-day drunken riot.

1937: The Nazi exhibition Der ewige Jude ("The Eternal Jew") opens in Munich. The New York Times arts column gives it four stars.


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