Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Cheech & Chong Together Again
Cheech & Chong have announced they are getting back together. The plot of their new film will again be about two guys from L.A. looking for drugs... but this time it's cheaper prescription drugs from Canada.

Party School Ratings
The University of Florida has been named the nation's #1 party school by the Princeton Review. It's not 100% clear why, but it may have something to do with the fact that every class has a two-drink minimum.

Union Web Site
The good news for the Obama campaign is the AFL-CIO has launched an Internet site to dispel negative rumors about the Democratic nominee. The bad news is that just like every other union worker, the Web site takes 6 breaks a day and costs a fortune in health care benefits.

Men Happier
A new study shows that men generally become happier than women by midlife... that's because by the time they hit 40, most women start to lower their dating standards.

Delta Defense
The management of Delta airlines was scheduled to appear on the morning news shows today to defend their decision to charge $50 for each extra checked bag... but they had to cancel because their flight was delayed.


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