Monday, June 07, 2004

SPECIAL UPDATE!! A spoof article I wrote a few months ago has been published in the literary Webzine "Ducts." It's actually a well-respected publication with an NEH grant, (although to some people, I guess that's an oxymoron). Anyway, here are the links to the article and my short profile.

Article: Article

Profile: Profile

J. Lo Marries
In a surprise, Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony were married in a quiet ceremony this weekend in Los Angeles. About 40 guests attended, which means only the couple's divorce attorneys were invited.

Reagan & the Campaign
Republicans expect the outpouring of emotion over President Reagan's death to boost Bush's poll numbers. But experts say it could have the opposite effect because after a week of watching Reagan's old speeches, the American people may once again long for a President who speaks English.


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