Tuesday, October 21, 2003

McKeon's Marlins
72-year old Marlins manager Jack McKeon is winning praise for overcoming age discrimination to win his job and lead his team to the World Series. Unfortunately McKeon is now working in Florida, where most of the local citizens believe he is too young to be a manager.

Florida House Vote
The Florida State Legislature has voted overwhelmingly to force doctors to reinsert a feeding tube into the severely brain-damaged Terry Schiavo. The politicians say if it becomes okay to kill off apparently vegetative adults, none of them will ever be safe.

Kobe Trial
Kobe Bryant will stand trial for rape even though the judge says the prosecution's chances of winning are "minimal." The NBA is actually praising the decision, noting that it uses similar thinking every time it allows the LA Clippers to play.

Gay High School Clubs
Hundreds of teenage students across the country are suing for the right to form Gay clubs at their schools. Legal experts say it makes a lot of sense for Gay kids to fight for equal rights in America's high schools, where the students are well-known for showing each other respect, courtesy, and friendly affection each and every day.


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