Monday, June 25, 2007

Paris Pledge
Paris Hilton says she wants to do "good things for the world" after she gets out of jail. Of course, the best thing she could do for the world is go right back to jail.

William and Kate Back Together
Prince William and former girlfriend Kate Middleton have resumed their relationship, British newspapers reported Sunday. Apparently getting back together was easier than waiting for the secret service to investigate somebody new.

Karachi Rains
Heavy rains and lightning have killed 228 people in Pakistan over the last few days, leaving families devastated, relief agencies overwhelmed, and terrorists jealous.

U.S. Wins Gold Cup
The U.S. defeated Mexico, 2-1, to win soccer's "gold cup" Sunday. The victory became a foregone conclusion after half the Mexican team eluded immigration guards and snuck over to the U.S. side.

Sharpton on Missing Women
The Rev. Al Sharpton is demanding the black community make a stir over the disappearance of two young black women from Brooklyn, arguing anyone who ignores the cases is a "traitor." But black people could do more to help their community if everyone would just ignore the Rev. Al Sharpton.


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