Monday, January 22, 2007

Latest Tape
In a new videotape, al Qaeda leader Aymin al-Zawahiri predicts the United States will be ripped apart because of its troop escalation in Iraq, treatment of prisoners at Guantanamo, and for scheduling "Heroes" and "24" on the same night.

Warner Opposes Bush
Republican Senator John Warner is speaking out against President Bush's planned troop surge in Iraq. Of course, Warner learned all about retreating from huge disasters when he divorced Elizabeth Taylor in 1982.

Iranian Debate
The New York Times reports that more of the Iranian people are openly questioning their government's nuclear program. The most common question is: "Can we build a nuke that only kills Jews?"

Parcells Quits
Dallas Cowboys coach Bill Parcells has retired from football. Parcells wanted to get out of coaching before Terrell Owens killed him.

Arab TV Attacked
An explosion ripped through the office of Al Arabiya television in Gaza City on Monday, causing no injuries, police said. Until the studios are repaired, Al Arabiya viewers will just have to get all their Israel-bashing from the BBC.

Girls Gone Wild Producer Sentenced
A federal judge has ordered "Girls Gone Wild" producer Joe Francis to serve 200 hours of community service for not documenting the ages of the women in his nude videos. Francis is hoping the judge will let him fulfill the community service by working in the locker rooms at St. Mary's Catholic school for girls.


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