Friday, March 17, 2006

NCAA Tournament Scare
An opening round game in the NCAA basketball tournament was delayed 70 minutes because of a terrorist threat. Police later found the whole thing was planned by a couple of guys who needed extra time to fill out their brackets in the office pool.

Iraq Attack
U.S. forces launched "Operation Swarmer" in Iraq today. Army units are doggedly searching for insurgents, terrorists, and better job approval numbers for President Bush.

Iran Plays Ball
The good news is Iran has agreed to work with the U.S. to halt violence in Iraq. The bad news is the Iranians want to do it by using nuclear weapons.

Iraq War Poll
A new poll says 60% of Americans now believe the war in Iraq has not been worth it. But it's not clear what they meant by "worth it;" the loss of American lives, or all the pre-emptions of "American Idol."


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