Monday, February 20, 2006

PlayStation Delay?
Sony executives are worried the company could take a huge financial hit if it isn't able to get its next-generation PlayStation 3 video game console in stores this spring as promised. They really shouldn't sweat it; it's not like the people who buy these things have anything else better to do.

Williams Suspension?
Dolphins running back Ricky Williams could get a one-year suspension for violating the NFL's drug abuse policy for the fourth time. But experts say he'll probably get off easy since there's no way Williams is more stoned than the NFL officials who let him back in the league in the first place.

Godfather Actor Killed
Actor Richard Bright, who played the tough guy mobster Al Neri in the "Godfather" films, was struck and killed by a commuter bus in Manhattan this weekend. Bright's family isn't pressing charges, but that bus driver did wake up with a horse head in his bed this morning.

Top 5 Reasons We Should Respect Kevin Federline

5) Recently learned how to spell "cat"

4) At least he turned down that offer to go hunting with Dick Cheney last year

3) He thinks he's a good rapper; so he must be smoking some really good stuff

2) Sure he's just a backup dancer, but when was the last time you knew a backup dancer's name?

1) Keeps finding women just dumb enough to fall for his b.s.

Iran Calls for Calm
Iran's foreign minister is urging Muslim countries to end the violent protests against the cartoons of the prophet Muhammad. He wants the people of Islam to focus on something more productive, like getting nuclear weapons.

Bush on Alternative Fuels
President Bush is traveling the country touting the encouraging breakthroughs in alternative fuels. Mr. Bush is actually the most excited person in the world about the new technologies, because if we can get off of oil he might be able to avoid holding another Saudi prince's hands on international TV.


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