Thursday, February 16, 2006

Bush on Cheney
President Bush says he's "very satisfied" with the way Vice President Cheney has handled the aftermath of the hunting shooting incident... mostly because somebody else is looking like an idiot for once.

Bond Bad Guy
A Danish actor has been cast as the villain in the new James Bond film. The film's producers are hoping this will help boost box office numbers in Arab countries.

Marijuana Seizure
Federal agents found about $5 million worth of marijuana in an abandoned truck near the Mexican border Tuesday. Investigators believe the smugglers ditched the truck after it got stuck in some mud and they couldn't figure out how to get it out. You see, this is why you should never hire people who smoke marijuana to smuggle marijuana.

Top 5 Reasons "Bohem" the Show Dog Ran Away from JFK Airport

5) The security pat-down was humiliating

4) Even she eats better food that what they give you on the airlines

3) As a "missing dog," she knew she'd get a lot of coverage on Nancy Grace

2) While she was there, she just wanted to see if she could drum up any drug smuggling business

1) She's was scheduled to fly on United

Singer Pinched
The bad news is country singer John Michael Montgomery was arrested in Kentucky Thursday on drug and gun charges. The good news is he's finally got something to write a good country song about.

UN on Gitmo
The United Nations is calling on the U.S. to shut down the Guantánamo Bay camp. Of course, if the U.S. wants to make sure the detainees remain completely harmless, they could just get them all jobs with the United Nations.

France's Take
The French government now publicly says it believes Iran is really starting a nuclear weapons program. But you know, nothing makes the guys in the White House more uneasy than when the French agree with them.

Paid Excuse
A middle school gym teacher in Florida is accused of letting children sit out his class if they paid him $1 a day. Parents are shocked by the scandal because when they were kids, they would have been willing to pay a lot more!


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