Tuesday, May 18, 2004

Disability Decision
The Supreme Court ruled yesterday that Americans with disabilities deserve full access and accommodation at all government buildings in all states. This is a follow-up to its decision in 2000 that gave a mentally disabled person full access to the Oval Office for four years.

Prisoner Abuse Report
A New Yorker magazine report says the Bush administration decided right after 9/11 to order the Defense Department to violate the Geneva Convention while interrogating enemies. But the Pentagon is denying that report, insisting it was actually told to do that right after the 2000 election.

Gandhi Declines
Despite her party's clear win in parliamentary elections last week, Sophia Gandhi now says she will not serve as Prime Minister of India. Like most Indians with her level of education, she's taking the higher-paying job at the Dell Computer call center in Bangalore instead.

Dean & Kerry Express
John Kerry is focusing on healthcare today as he campaigns with former rival Howard Dean. Dean will make some speeches, but more importantly he'll serve as a stark example of what can happen when you can't afford to buy prescription psychiatric drugs.


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