Friday, January 30, 2004

Super Bowl Coach
The New England Patriots are favored to win the Super Bowl mostly because of coach Bill Belichick, who began learning football before he learned how to read. This helps him with most NFL players - who still can't read.

Teen Curfews
More and more cities are instituting a 10:30 PM curfew for everyone younger than 18. Experts say keeping teens indoors at night is the only way to make the streets safe for adults.

Lindros Concussions
Doctors are telling New York Rangers star Eric Lindros to retire after he suffered his eighth concussion this week. The only trouble is, after getting eight concussions, the only job Lindros is qualified for now is coaching the New York Rangers.

Georgia Schools
Georgia's public schools are banning the word "evolution" from school textbooks. The state insists it not a concession to religious fundamentalists, it's just because no one in Georgia can pronounce the word properly.

Colorado Sex
The University of Colorado is accused of using sex parties to lure top athletes. But experts say sex in Colorado isn't exactly something that makes athletes want to come back... just ask Kobe Bryant.


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