Monday, October 03, 2011

Protesters Persists
Hundreds of "Occupy Wall Street" demonstrators continue to camp out in New York's Financial District They vow to continue protesting what they call corporate greed and mindless commercialism... until they have to leave to camp out in front of the Apple Store for the new iPhone.

New NPR Chief
Gary Knell, the longtime president and CEO of Sesame Workshop, will take over as the new CEO of NPR on Dec. 1. Knell has already hired Elmo to do a series of pro-Palestinian radio editorials.

New iPhone
Apple will announce the release of the new iPhone 5 tomorrow. That gives the people who line up to get the first new iPhones 24 hours to find somebody who might actually want to call them.

Gay Slam
President Barack Obama is slamming the Republican presidential candidates who didn't denounce the people who booed a gay soldier at a GOP debate. And Congressman Barney Frank is slamming the Republicans who didn't get him that soldier's phone number.

Vote Fraud?
Republicans say they want to prevent voter fraud with more identification requirements, but some groups say they worry the new restrictions may discourage people from going to vote. Of course, the biggest thing discouraging people from going to vote are the candidates.

October 3rd

1283: Dafydd ap Gruffydd, prince of Gwynedd in Wales, becomes the first nobleman executed by being hanged, drawn, quartered, and disconnected from the internet.

1908: The Pravda newspaper is founded by Leon Trotsky, Adolph Joffe, Matvey Skobelev and Keith Olbermann.

1955: The Mickey Mouse Club debuts on ABC... it is now known as "World News Tonight."


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