Thursday, April 07, 2011

Last to Go
All non-essential government workers will be on furlough if there is a shutdown. Which means the only people working in Washington next week will be the hookers.

Japan Worst is Over?
The Obama administration says Japan's worst problems are over... especially since the White House has decided not to send Tim Geithner back to Tokyo.

Gay Survey
A new study shows that only 1.7% of the US population is gay. Of course, the survey was conducted by some guy who still thinks the Village People are straight.

Hospital Profits
The Henry Ford hospital system in Michigan raked in $60 million on profits in 2010... mostly be making all the dying car executives pay in cash.

California Screamin'
180 local California governments actually increased pay and pensions even as the 2008 financial crisis was unfolding. Government workers hate it when banks screw the public more than they do.

April 8th

1730: Shearith Israel, the first synagogue in New York City, is dedicated. Everyone there is still arguing over where to get the best bagels.

1918: Actors Douglas Fairbanks and Charlie Chaplin sell war bonds on the streets of New York City's financial district… they are later shot by the grandfather of Sean Penn.

1975: Frank Robinson manages the Cleveland Indians in his first game as major league baseball's first African American manager… like black people haven’t had it bad enough, now they’re responsible for the Indians too?


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