Thursday, April 07, 2011

Shutdown Consequences
There's still no deal to avoid a federal government shutdown. If there is a shutdown, it's not clear exactly where air traffic controllers will go to sleep on the job.

Colombia Trade Deal
President Obama has sealed a trade deal with Colombia... it's his first deal for Colombian products since he was in college.

Portugal Problems
Portugal has formally asked for a $129 billion bailout. It needs the money so badly, it promises to accept the cash today... immediately after the country's daily national 3-hour nap time.

GE Solar Plans
GE says it will build the largest solar plant in the US. It will use it to power the lawyers and accountants working 24/7 to make sure the company continues to pay no taxes.

Police Chief No Deal
Philly's police chief is not going to Chicago after the city refused his $400K per year salary demand. It turns out the only people willing to overpay for a bad product in Chicago are Cubs fans.

April 7th

1933: Prohibition is repealed... America celebrates and doesn't wake up until 1934.

1971: President Richard Nixon announces his decision to increase the rate of American troop withdrawals from Vietnam... so they can come home and spy on Jane Fonda.

1992: The Republic of Srpska announces its independence... from vowels.


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