Friday, March 25, 2011

VCU Final Four
The VCU Rams have shocked the world by making it into the Final Four. It would only be more shocking if those players made it into class.

Cobra Danger
A deadly cobra is on the loose at the Bronx Zoo. Officials say they need to find the snake before it O.D.'s on overpriced frozen slushees at the food court.

Kodak Case
Kodak wants Apple and BlackBerry to pay it $1 billion for infringing on its photo patents. Apple and BlackBerry say they'll pay the money as soon as they can find somebody who still works at Kodak.

Gibbs at Facebook?
Facebook may hire former Obama spokesman Robert Gibbs... mostly to test-run it's new "dislike" option.

Locked in a Closet
A reporter was forced to stay in locked storage closet at a Democratic fundraiser this weekend featuring Vice President Joe Biden. Usually it's only Republicans who make people stay in the closet.

March 28th

1871: The Paris Commune is formally established in Paris. Unfortunately, deodorant wouldn’t be invented for another 15 years.

1910: Henri Fabre becomes the first person to fly a seaplane… helping the second person to fly by seaplane to realize he ought to bring a barf bag.

1939: Generalissimo Francisco Franco conquers Madrid… rest of the nation continues to nap.


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