Monday, November 09, 2009

Obama to Fort Hood
President Obama is heading to Fort Hood today... where he will visit with the victims' families, but spend most of his time apologizing to any other Muslims at the base who may have been made uncomfortable by the massacre.

Consumer Spending Up
The good news is that U.S. consumer spending was up 1.8% in October. The bad news is that most Americans spent that extra money on guns and one-way tickets to Australia.

Dodd Delay
Senate Banking Committee Chairman Chris Dodd still hasn't unveiled his sweeping financial reform bill. It's taking longer than expected, because Dodd has to make sure he doesn't punish any banks that gave him sweetheart mortgages, campaign donations, or hairspray.

NY Gay Marriage Bill
New York's state legislature is being asked to vote in favor of a gay marriage bill. Judging by the conduct of most of New York's politicians, the measure would have a much better chance of passing if it allowed gay adultery.

Zoo Mishap
A deer was almost killed when it jumped into the lions den at the National Zoo in Washington this weekend. Zoo officials say they aren't sure why the lions attacked the deer, but they are absolutely sure it wasn't because they were Muslims.

November 10th

1766: New Jersey Governor William Franklin signs the charter creating Rutgers University, it's main purpose is to be a place the snobs at Princeton can make fun of.

1918: The Western Union Cable Office in Washington, D.C. receives a top-secret coded message from Europe that World War I would end the following day. The message delays the hundreds of peopl waiting to send money to relatives in Mexico City.

1958: The Hope Diamond is donated to the Smithsonian Institution by New York diamond merchant Harry Winston. In return, Winston gets a $15 voucher to the Air and Space Museum gift shop.


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