Wednesday, April 21, 2004

Doctors and Fat
A new study shows that most physicians don't tell their obese patients to lose weight. But, as they do with all other medical decisions, the doctors promise to change all that as soon as the insurance companies tell them to.

Jermaine's Visit
Michael Jackson's brother Jermaine, a convert to Islam, is touring several Muslim countries to promote understanding between Arabs and Americans. Top questions Jermaine is being asked:

-We'll get to the whole U.S. support for Israel in a second, but first things first... what is up with your brother's face?

-When do you expect to execute your sister for exposing herself in public?

-Why haven't you blamed your failing music career on the Jews?

-Did you know Osama and Michael have been dating some of the same boys for years?

-Can we agree that your last album was the real "suicide bomb?"

Arab Women
U.S. diplomats continue to push Arab countries to grant their women the same rights women enjoy in the United States. That means if the move is successful, Muslim women can soon expect to be paid 25% less for working the same jobs as men.

Canadian Released
Iraqi insurgents have released a 33-year old man from Montreal after holding him for 10 days. The kidnappers apparently were complying with the Geneva Convention's rules against keeping Canadians from watching the hockey playoffs.


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