Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Congressional Pension Costs
Former members of Congress will get pensions this year that will cost the taxpayers $26 million. But that won't even cover half the costs of their paternity and sexual harassment lawsuits.

Eggs not so Bad
A new study shows that eggs have a lot less cholesterol than they used to. The news media is crediting Michelle Obama.

Disney Profits
Disney reported a 54% jump in profits in the last quarter... which is good news because if things didn't get any better, they were going to have to put Goofy down.

Commodity Spike
Wheat prices are higher than they have been since 2008... so while a hot dog at Madison Square Garden is still $10, if you want it in a bun it's now $1,785.

Romer Stays Silent
Former White House economic advisor Christina Romer is refusing to testify before Congress to explain what the taxpayers got out of the $800 billion stimulus plan. She actually said she would come to testify, but she's charging $800 billion.

February 9th

1621: Gregory XV becomes Pope after totally wowing the judges in the swimsuit competition.

1920: Under the terms of the Spitsbergen Treaty, international diplomacy recognizes Norwegian sovereignty over Arctic archipelago Svalbard, and designates it as “freaking cold!”.

1950: Senator Joseph McCarthy accuses the United States Department of State of being filled with Communists… insulting Communists everywhere.


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