Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Tebow Ad
College football star Tim Tebow will star in a controversial anti-abortion TV ad that will be aired during the Super Bowl. Pro-abortion groups plan to counter with their own ad featuring the New York Giants defense.

Toyota Recall
Toyota is freezing sales of eight top models because of a mass recall. But most American car buyers say a potential Toyota death trap is still a better risk than anything from GM.

No Stimulus Love
A new poll shows that 56% of all Americans now oppose the stimulus plan. The other 44% are the 150 million Americans who are retired government workers on a pension.

Education Spending Boost
President Obama will announce a 6.2% boost in federal education spending in his State of the Union address tonight. Obama is hoping more Americans will be too busy with schoolwork to realize there aren't any jobs in the real world anymore.

San Diego Money
69% of San Diego's city payroll goes to retired workers. The other 31% goes to mental health care workers trying to help people get over the Chargers.

January 27th

1870: The first sorority, Kappa Alpha Theta, is formed at DePauw University. The chapter is forced to disband after it becomes the regular and lone target for all 13 campus fraternities' panty raids.

1909: The "Young Left" is founded in Norway. It is later renamed the "Old Left" and finally the "Dead Left."

1973: Paris Peace Accords officially end the Vietnam War. Production on 15,000 Vietnam War movies begins in Hollywood.


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