Wednesday, August 02, 2006


Depeche Mode has decided to cancel its upcoming concert in Tel Aviv, citing the recent war in the Middle East... which is weird because all of Depeche Mode's songs are about suicide and death anyway.

Israel's military has released a video showing that a hospital it raided overnight in Lebanon was actually a terrorist headquarters. That's no surprise, most hospitals in America are terror headquarters too.

Human rights activists are protesting Israel's raid on a Hezbollah hospital in Baalbeck Tuesday. They're furious the Israeli army interrupted the medical center's free female circumcision program.

One of the 215 rockets Hezbollah fired into Israel today actually landed in the Arab-controlled section of the West Bank. Hezbollah finally realizes dead Arabs make Israel look bad, no matter who's responsible.


Mel Gibson has been formally charged with DUI. During the hearing, Gibson admitted he was driving drunk, but only because he felt it was safer than letting Lindsay Lohan take him home.

Tropical Storm Chris is sweeping through the eastern Caribbean and headed for Cuba. But Chris is not expected to turn into a hurricane until the Middle East fighting quiets down and CNN can give it the coverage it deserves.

Tropical Storm Chris is slowly gaining power in the Caribbean. The news has sent Miami's Cuban community back into the streets celebrating the storm they think will finally finish off a weakened Fidel Castro.

It was so hot today that cyclist Floyd Landis tested positive for freon.

Saratoga Race Course canceled all nine of its horse races Wednesday because of the heat and humidity. The shutdown forced gamblers to bet on whether they could find anything else to do in Saratoga.


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