Friday, July 14, 2006


The 9th installment in my Schmooze or Lose comic strip is now available online at the Schmooze or Lose Web site: Just click on "comics" on the homepage to read all the strips so far. You should also wait for all the animation on the homepage to load so you can see my main character appear under the Hollywood sign!

The 10th installment, which is my very first Sunday-sized COLOR strip, premieres in the Jewish Journal of Los Angeles tomorrow and will appear on the site next Wednesday or Thursday. Enjoy!

Beirut Attacked
Beirut International Airport remains closed after Israeli jets bombed all three of its main runways. Of course this means thousands of American families will now have to make different summer vacation plans.

Beirut Attacked II
Beirut International Airport remains closed after Israeli jets bombed all three of its main runways. That makes sense, but why is that the reason United is giving for today's six-hour delays out of O'Hare?

Israel Critics
Critics who say Israel's attacks on Hezbollah targets in Lebanon will have no effect are clearly wrong... gas is already $6-a-gallon in Los Angeles.

European Fears
Fears are mounting among European governments that violence in Lebanon could spiral out of control... but that will only happen if someone publishes another Mohammed cartoon.

Mahmoud & Bashir
The Associated Press reports that Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and Syrian President Bashar Assad conferred during a special telephone call Thursday afternoon. Usually, they just communicate on the "Man-Boy Love Association" chat board.

Top 5 Text Messages Mahmoud Ahmadinejad sent Bashir Assad

5) "Is that a Kaytusha in ur pocket or are u just happy 2 C me?"

4) "What R U wearing GQ boy?"

3) "Keira Knigthley = so anorexic"

2) "Last 1 to bomb Israel = a rotten pomegranate!"

1)" U go grrrl!!! "

Bastille Day
Friday is Bastille Day in France. It's the day Frenchmen commemorate the freeing of all prisoners from the infamous pre-revolutionary prison... except for those convicted of head-butting.

Tour de France Update
American Floyd Landis now leads the Tour de France after the race's hardest stage through the Pyrenees. That's the stage with the longest distance between pharmacies.


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