Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Sharon Gravely Ill
Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon is fighting for his life after suffering a major stroke. If they weren't so busy shooting each other right now, Palestinians would be dancing in the streets!

Sharon Gravely Ill II
Experts say Sharon's serious illness could destabilize the entire Middle East... if there were any parts of the Middle East that were stable.

Sharon Gifts
Before he fell ill, Ariel Sharon's family was publicly accused of receiving $3 million in illegal foreign business donations. Who'd they get that kind of money from... the Hostess Corporation?

ABC Live in Iran
The revamped ABC World News Tonight began this week with new co-anchor Bob Woodruff reporting from Tehran. So, we can't get UN inspectors into Iran but we can get TelePrompTers and hairspray.

Koppel's New Gig
Former Nightline anchor Ted Koppel has joined The Discovery Channel, where he'll host a series of specials. The first program will feature a slew of animal and plant experts hoping to find out what that heck that is growing atop Koppel's head.

Lindsay's Battle
Teen star Lindsay Lohan tells Vanity Fair that she's battling bulimia. Apparently she can make herself throw up every time she listens to one of her CD's.


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