Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Anti-Arnold Protests
California state workers will demonstrate at theaters playing Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger's new movie "The Expendables" to protest his furlough policy. But they'll have to fight their way through the much larger crowds of angry movie goers who will be demanding their money back.

Midterm Michelle?
The Washington Post is reporting that many Democrats wants Michelle Obama to campaign for them in the midterm elections... mostly because that should keep her from going on expensive vacations.

Tarmac Delays Down
The good news is the number of airline tarmac delays is way down since May. The bad news is it's mostly because passengers are following flight attendants as they run out of the plane via the escape chute.

Toyota Cleared
It turns out the overwhelming majority of suppsed "sudden acceleration" incidents with Toyota were clearly caused by driver error. The only bigger example of driver error comes when someone buys a car from GM.

Fishing Reopened
A large portion of the waters off Florida have been reopened to fishing now that the big oil leak has been plugged. But most of the people on the water are lawyers looking for fish who want to sue BP.

August 11th

1804: Francis II assumes the title of first Emperor of Austria… which sounds good, but remember that in 1804, even royalty didn’t have toilet paper.

1898: During the Spanish-American War, U.S. troops enter the city of Mayagüez, Puerto Rico in hopes of capturing and killing the ancestors of Menudo.

1972: The last United States ground combat unit departs South Vietnam… and immediately starts hunting Jane Fonda.


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