Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Government Workers Rake it in!
Federal workers now make twice as much as workers in the private sector. As an olive branch, the government employees are now willing to teach the rest of us how they cheat the IRS and Social Security.

Crazed Flight Attendant
A flight attendant for Jet Blue faces criminal charges after exchanging words with a passenger, grabbing beer from the beverage cart and deploying the emergency slide to exit the plane at JFK airport. Jet Blue is okay with endangering the passengers and damaging the plane, but NO ONE gets beer on a plane without paying $7.50!

Brown Probe
California Attorney General Jerry Brown is launching an investigation into the huge salary packages for the city workers in the tiny city of Bell, CA. Brown is desperate to find out how he and his staff can snag that sweet deal too!

Dora Turns 10!
Nickelodeon's latina "Dora the Explorer" character turns 10 today. In honor of her birthday, the show is doing a special episode on how she uses the map to escape from Arizona.

Census Surplus
The U.S. Census Bureau is returning $1.6 billion worth of its annual budget that it didn't actually need. It turns out the Census asked for too much money because, y'know... they're not so good with numbers.

August 10th

1628: The Swedish warship Vasa sinks on her maiden voyage after only 20 minutes … which was barely enough time for the first lunch buffet and the shuffleboard tournament.

1977: “Son of Sam” David Berkowitz is arrested in Yonkers… Berkowitz finds life in prison a better option than remaining in Yonkers.

1990: The Magellan space probe reaches Venus, and immediately rushes for the bathroom after not peeing for 497,000 miles.


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