Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Blago Goes Silent
Former Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich has decided not to testify in his own defense at his corruption trial. It turns out getting on the stand for a few hours would really cut into his hair care schedule.

Unemployment Benefits Extended
Congress has voted to extend unemployment benefits for more than two years. Usually the only people who get paid not to work for that long are Members of Congress.

Unemployment Scam
A New York City parking garage company used its employees names to illegally cash $95,000 worth of unemployment checks. You know the economy is bad when companies can't get by even when they charge you $100 to park your car for a half hour.

Real Estate Rebound
California's housing market is recovering much faster than the rest of the country... mostly because people feel more comfortable buying homes in that state now that Lindsay Lohan is in jail.

Comic Con Begins
Comic Con starts in San Diego today. Usually the only place where you can find a bunch of nerds pretending to be superheroes is the White House.

July 22nd

838: Byzantine emperor Theophilos suffers a heavy defeat by the Abbasids, forcing him to fire their head coach and defensive coordinator.

1587: A second group of English settlers arrive on Roanoke Island off North Carolina to re-establish the deserted colony and take advantage of a dynamite foreclosure market.

1933: Wiley Post becomes the first person to fly solo around the world traveling 15,596 miles in 7 days, 18 hours and 45 minutes. His plane, and his bladder, are now on display at the National Air and Space Museum.


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