Saturday, March 27, 2010

More Lost Jobs
The private sector lost another 23,000 jobs in March. The Obama administration is responding by asking: "what's the private sector?"

Student Loan Changes
The Democrats new student loan program changes cut out the banks as middlemen, and will eliminate many bank loan offices. So after all these kids graduate, there won't be any place where they can get a job.

James in Rehab
Sandra Bullock's husband Jesse James has checked into rehab... it's not clear if it's for sex addiction or tattoo addiction.

Boeing's Charge
Boeing now says the new health care law will cost it $150 million this quarter alone. Apparently, the government is now going to charge Boeing $5 for everyone who gets airsick on one of their planes.

Militia Arrests
The Obama administration says it decided to have the FBI arrest members of the Hutaree militia group in Michigan upon learning they were planning to kill police officers... and build homes for Jews in Jerusalem.

March 31st

1942: Japanese forces invade Christmas Island in a brazen attempt to capture Santa Claus.

2007: In Sydney, Australia, 2.2 million people take part in the first Earth Hour. Everyone else in Australia keeps using power and actually gets some work done.

2008: Aloha Airlines, a bankrupt airline, permanently ends passenger service. Service for pets and drunk pilots continues for another 8 months.


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