Saturday, December 24, 2005

MICHIGAN RADIO ALERT!! People in the Battle Creek area can catch me on Super Rock 104.9 this morning at 7:50AM!! I'll be doing a special "Week in Review" with DJ Bobby Guy. Check it out!

Big Night
Santa Claus is just about ready to start his big trip; he just wants to make sure who's been naughty or nice by taking one last look at the transcripts of his illegal domestic wiretaps.

Snoopers Helpers
The New York Times reports that employees at two American telephone companies aided the Bush administration in its controversial domestic phone tap program. Geez, for such a sensitive job you'd think they would have gotten somebody who knows what they're doing.

Hybrid Credit
The good news is if you buy a hybrid car next year, you'll be eligible for a big federal tax credit. The bad news is your obvious hatred of the oil companies will be grounds for the Bush administration to tap your phone.

Smith's Birthday
Mormon Church founder Joseph Smith was born 200 years ago Friday. That was also the last time somebody thought moving to Utah was a good idea.


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