Monday, December 26, 2005

After Christmas Rush
Millions of shoppers across America are flocking back to the malls today in hopes of returning unwanted gifts, finding bigger bargains, and trampling the people who got away on the day after Thanksgiving.

After Christmas Rush II
Millions of shoppers across America are flocked back to the malls today. Most chose to go to the bigger stores in hopes of slipping away from annoying relatives visiting for the holidays.

Holiday Box Office
Christian movie-goers continue to choose "The Chronicle of Narnia" over "King Kong" at the box office. Not because of any Christian messages in "Narnia," but because they're not sure if a story of a giant ape who falls for a human woman is pro or anti-evolution

Sharon Surgery
Israeli doctors say Ariel Sharon needs surgery to repair a hole in his heart. Palestinian groups are protesting the announcement, because they say it refutes their claim that Sharon has no heart.

Anna Nicole's Helpers
Bush administration lawyers are joining Anna Nicole Smith's Supreme Court fight to get her late husband's fortune. If there's one thing this White House will always stand up for, it's the rights of drunk and dim-witted Texans grabbing for things they don't deserve.


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