Friday, January 12, 2007


Starting tomorrow, my material will be featured in the "News in English" segment on "Workin' It with Jackie Guerra" heard on XM and dozens of ground radio stations across the country.

Jackie is a comedian and a movie and sit-com actress, so this could be a very good thing for me.

To find out when the show airs in your town click here:

Workin' It with Jackie Guerra

And to hear the show online at your leisure, you can click on that same link above, go to the "ARCHIVES" section, and hear it on Wednesday or so once they get the most recent show into the archives.

DISCLAIMER: If you absolutely hate the labor movement, the good news is my written segment is usually right off the top of the show, about 2-3 minutes in. If you're a supporter of the labor movement, I suggest you sit back and listen to the whole show. If you're a hired union-busting goon, I have some baseball bats and lead pipes to sell you... cheap!



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