Sunday, November 12, 2006

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Dems on Iraq
Senate Democrats vowed Sunday to press for troop reductions in Iraq. Wait, isn't that al Qaeda's job?

Castro Very Ill
The U.S. government believes Fidel Castro has terminal cancer. But he should still survive longer than most Republican campaign strategists.

Bad Timing
Angry Republicans say the party might have fared better on Election Day if President Bush had not waited to force Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld to resign. And they really would have done better if President Bush had resigned in 2005.

Penn State Wins
Penn State beat Temple in football Saturday, despite having to play without injured coach Joe Paterno. As usual, Temple had to play without a quarterback, defense or a kicking game.

Big Game
Ohio State and Michigan are both undefeated going into this coming Saturday's game. The Buckeyes are favored to win, but students from both schools are preparing to overturn and torch cars just in case.

Iraqi Cabinet Shuffle
The prime minister of Iraq is promising to reshuffle his cabinet after another series of deadly car bomb attacks. Once again, the most sought after post will be "Secretary of Not Dying."


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