Friday, May 26, 2006

Bush Steps In
President Bush has ordered that documents seized in an FBI raid on Louisiana Congressman William Jefferson's office be sealed for 45 days. The White House is assuming that by then, the FBI will finally be finished digging up Jimmy Hoffa.

Immigration Vote
Senate conservatives are furious over the passage of a bill calling for more relaxed rules on illegal immigration. The Republicans big question is: if we can't keep out the illegal immigrants, how will we keep out the gay immigrants?

Top 5 Signs the Enron Guys Won't Win on Appeal

5) Even the ACLU thinks they got a fair trial

4) Nancy Grace is going to take a break from Natalee Holloway to complain about them for the next 8 weeks straight

3) The appeals court judge still has 100,000 shares of Enron... worth 30 cents total

2) Rumor has it Lay and Skilling played lacrosse at Duke

1) They're out of money


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